Click above to view a larger image of the DNA series.

I have recently been working on a series of paintings whose inspirations come from DNA. To many, DNA has represented a pessimistic vision of the future - big-brotherism, the loss of individuality, loss of personal freedom, and the fear of transmutation as prefigured by Frankenstein and Jekyll/ Hyde.

There is also a more optimistic view. DNA represents the cradle of life, for a single cell holds the whole universe. The double helix, which is a metaphor for all Manichean outcomes, also has the potentiality of infinite combinations and infinite possibilities.

It is through my background in math and my interest in science that I have been drawn towards DNA and protein crystallography structures, and through these architectures I can be free to explore color and space. This is a new kind of portraiture: everybody has a unique face, not only outwardly, but at the very core of their being.